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Geraldine Shadian: Poet & Writer

Santa Fe



Looking through the window

I see beauty in my sight.

Snow softly gently falling

It began sometime last night

Twas like Christmas on Ash Wednesday

The trees clothed fluffy white

All around is hushed and silent

Just the whiteness glistens bright.

As yet untouched by footsteps

Soon all from bed will rise

Yet no sound is uttered

Not even birdlike cries.



Snow falllin in such beauty,
Its gentle touch upon the ground.
Trees are clothed in shining ermine,
A snowy blanket all around.
In the hours of the morning.
All is hushed , with muffled sound
As the day grows brighter
You can hear th footfalls crunch
By mid morn it's wetter paths
Sun is up while eating lunch

los chileros

New Mexico

From my window a dry and arid land,
Flattened by a godforsaken hand.
Few bushes, shrubs to nourish eyes.

The sun gives off a subtle weak glow
The mountains veiled in mist, conceals the snow

Across the plateau a winding freeway lies,
A silent bird or two above it flies.

Scape stripped of green from seven years of drought,
Dry tangled, tumbleweeds, gaily roll about

A beauty wild and raw within this state,
As nature's children their drink await.